2016 Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours 2016
Closed Thursday Nov. 24
Open till 8pm Friday Dec. 2
Closing at 5pm Friday Dec. 9
Closing at 8pm Friday Dec. 16
Closing at 8pm Friday Dec. 23
Closing at 3pm Saturday Dec. 24
Closed Sunday Dec. 25
Closing at 5pm Saturday Dec. 31
Closed Sunday Jan. 1

Cask Gin Receives Another Gold

Pinckney Bend Cask Gin

The blog theginisin.com is one of the internet’s most reliable and frequently consulted gin review web sites. In the rare event that a gin receives a review score greater than 4.5 points on a five point scale, it is awarded a gold medallion. Pinckney Bend Cask Gin was recently bestowed this honor. You can read the review here: http://theginisin.com/gin-reviews/pinckney-bend-cask-finished-gin/

Aaron Knoll, who curates the site and develops its content, is also author of GIN: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival in 300 Distillations, which was selected as one of the top ten new spirits books for Autumn 2015 by thespiritsbusiness.com.



Closed for Easter

Pinckney Bend Tasting room will be closed March 27, 2016 for Easter. We will have regular 12-6 hours on Saturday March 26 and will resume daily 12-6 schedule on Monday, March 28.

More Awesome Press

We are pleased that we keep getting great press on our products. We know we love them, and are so pleased when we see others do too.

In Feast, our Tonic has been considered a trend-alert.

Another story in Feast does a wonderful job explaining the craft distilling boom, with a wonderful feature on us (as well as some other great area distillers)

Looking for Good People

We are seeking a dedicated individual to guide spirit tastings and tours at our distillery as well as pouring samples at off-site events. We are seeking someone who can maintain a high energy level for customer service in a fun, but extremely fast-paced environment. The ideal candidate will have an outgoing personality with ability to talk to anyone and everyone while paying attention to detail. As a representative of our brand, you will need to gain thorough knowledge of our spirits and the distillation process. You will need an apptitude for knowledge and learning with strong communication skills. You will be invovled in some production work of our hand-crafted spirits. Prior experience in bar/beverage industry is strongly preferred. Theater training is a plus. This is a part-time/contracted position with possible full-time advancement.

Must be/have:
– Age 21 or over
– Clean driving record
– Experience in hospitality industry with cash handling/sales experience
– Able to lift and carry items over 25lbs.
– Able to stand for long periods
– Well-spoken, polite and uphold the highest level of customer service

Please send resumes and references to accounts@pinckneybend.com with the subject line Tasting Room Staff.

Feast unveils Top 50 in St. Louis!

Feast 50 LogoPinckney Bend Distillery was voted the runner up for best distillery in St. Louis in the 2015 Feast 50. This Q&A was conducted with Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ralph Haynes

Tell us about a few of the distillery’s signature spirits. Pinckney Bend Distillery has four signature products, three of which are spirits: Rested American Whiskey, American Gin, and Cask Finished Gin. All three of these have been awarded gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, with the whiskey winning a double gold medal. Both our Rested Whiskey and American Gin have also been awarded silver and bronze Medals, respectively, at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London. Pinckney Bend Classic Tonic Syrup is our signature non-spirit product.

What have been some milestones in your career so far? Our distillery has achieved four major milestones in its five year history, each about one year apart. The first was winning a gold medal on our gin in San Francisco, one year after launch. The second was securing A. Bommarito Wines as our state-wide distributor. Third was winning two prestigious international awards simultaneously on our Rested American Whiskey. The fourth was unsolicited coverage by two important food/beverage/lifestyle websites with international reach (Playboy.com and Foodrepublic.com).
Clearly your spirits have resonated with customers – what would you attribute this to, and what does it mean to you? Our spirits resonate with customers for three important reasons: quality, locality and authenticity. Customers like the taste of our products, they appreciate the fact that we are locally produced, and when they come to visit the distillery, they see that we are the real deal. We have worked hard to bring customers out to New Haven, and when they make the trip we offer a valued distillery experience.
What do you hope to see happen next in the local distilling scene, and why? We’d like to see locally produced spirits claim a larger share of the Missouri market. It’s “the rising tide” thing. A Missouri Spirits Trail would also be great.

Where do you get your inspiration when developing new spirits? What inspires you and motivates you to do the work that you do? We draw much of our inspiration from the past, to which we apply modern scientific knowledge and technology that was not available to distillers who preceded us. They paved the way. We just extend the road.

What’s next for you and your work? If you want to know how whiskey might have tasted in the late 1800s, you need make it from the same open-pollinated corn varieties that were available to our predecessors at that time. Many of these varieties no longer exist, others are rare and hard to find and none are grown in commercial quantities. Pinckney Bend Distillery is now growing some of these varieties and plans to release its first heirloom whiskey in late 2016. It will be whiskey made from a corn variety of local historic significance, grown by local farmers. This is the future of Pinckney Bend Distillery.


Distillery Happenings: National Press

Map of the top 50 spirits distilled in the 50 states

Map of the top 50 spirits distilled in the 50 states

Playboy.com Picks Pinckney Bend Gin as Best Spirit Made in Missouri
In an article identifying the best spirit produced in each of the 50 states, our gin was named by playboy.com as the best spirit distilled in Missouri. You can read the entire article here

Food Republic Picks Stout Cask in Best of List
We also received some excellent ink at foodrepublic.com where our Stout Cask Whiskey was listed in an article that featured the best six cask finished whiskeys for dads. See who else made the list here

Pinckney Bend Gin Lab

Gin lab LR
There’s nothing simple about making good gin. Gin’s aroma and flavor profile result from a complex interaction of spirit and botanical components including roots, seeds, berries, citrus rind and more.

To really understand and appreciate gin, it is essential to experience what individual botanicals smell and taste like, and to get a sense of how they interact with each other. This is what Pinckney Bend Distillery’s Gin Lab is all about.

If you’re serious about gin, and want to understand what botanicals are and how interact to create a flavor profile, then this is a course if for you. Join Tom Anderson, Master Distiller, as he shares with us how to truly understand and appreciate gin. This hands on lab gives you the opportunity to sample 10 individual botanical extracts and learn how to create your own gin flavor profile.

To buy tickets for the Gin Lab on Sept. 15, click here

For more information about upcoming gin labs, visit our events section here.

Interested in having your own gin lab? Please contact us at accounts@pinckneybend.com

Distillery Happenings: New Still Arrives, Expanded Shop Opens

Our new stillOur new 320 gallon pot still has arrived! When it’s up and running, this behemoth will give us the capability to distill up to 30 gallons of whiskey in a single run.

It’s the exact twin of our 60-gallon still, but without the fractioning column. It will be used as a first-pass stripper still, and finishing will continue be done on the small still located in our tasting room.

Major modifications are being made on the building across the street, to accommodate this device’s 15 foot high condenser.

Future plans include a bottling line and labeling machine. Next year when the new tasting room is completed, it will include viewing windows across the length of the back wall.

Our gift, schwag and spirits shop is now open, and new merchandise is arriving every week. This expansion doubles the space available to accommodate visitors. Come on by and take a look. We’re open every day from noon until 6:00pm.

Expanded gift shop


Cask Finished Gin Debuts in Gold

Cask Finished GinOur new Cask Finished Gin, proudly adorned with a gold medal awarded at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, is now available. Thanks to the complexities of state and federal labeling requirements, we were able to enter this unique gin in competition before it was released.

Pioneered by the Dutch 400 years ago, gin was transported in wooden barrels until the early 19th century. Crossing the English Channel from distillers in Holland to markets in London, gin could spend several months in contact with wood, where it picked up both color and flavor. Today, this old ‘cask finish’ style of gin has become new again.

The basis of this expression is Pinckney Bend’s award winning American Gin, which is smooth on the pallet, with bright juniper and well-balanced citrus notes. It is then finished in charred, second use Missouri white oak barrels, which introduces a layer of complex wood flavors, a subtle vanilla-infused sweetness and the spice of young whiskey.

Cask Finished Gin should begin working its way into retail channels by mid-July. If you don’t see it on your favorite retailers shelves, ask them to get it for you.



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