Wanna Get Weird?

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but practice makes perfect. Plus we love a mixed metaphor. We are always experimenting and honing our craft and many of our flagship favorites started as creative ideas (or long hours of boredom). If you love to try new things, make sure you follow our socials as we always post when we have new, sometimes half-brained, ideas. Experiments are only available in the tasting room and often times by secret password.

Wall of the Drammed…

Below are the experiments we’ve tried over the years. Some come back now and then. Some graduated to our Limited Releases. Some…we remember in spirit (alcohol joke, get it?). This page is dedicated to the past experimental products. We hope you got a chance to try them as lightening rarely strikes twice.

Port Cask finish

After a year in new oak, this whiskey was then finished in a port barrel. We’ve used barrels from Stone Hill Winery in Hermann, MO and ones from Portugal. A true dessert whiskey with a heavier mouth-feel and heavy tawny notes. Our American whiskey is made from corn, and finished in a traditional Scottish style. Each port barrel expression was different and entirely unique.

Missouri Malt Whiskey

One of the few items we’ve done without corn, this ode to Irish styles started with 100% malted barley. After 3 years in a barrel, the profile became wildly different than our other products. Sweet and smokey with a long finish, we look forward to one day trying malt again. When that day is…we have no idea.

Rye & Rested

Rye & Rested Whiskey was a blend of 55% rye and 45% Pinckney Bend’s award winning Rested American Whiskey. We’ve had several expressions of this rye, including a locally-grown one from the former MO Director. The result was a unique flavor profile that accentuated the best aspects of each grain.

Zinfandel Cask Whiskey

After a year in new oak, this whiskey was then finished in a French oak zinfandel barrel from Peter Franus, Brandlin Vineyard on Mount Veeder, Napa Valley. The result was a heavy-body, spicey front that finishes exactly like a light-bodied zin.

Single Barrel Distiller's Reserve

In collecting barrel samples, we occasionally find one that is dramatically different from its peers. Each one tasted dramatically different, but usually have large hints of toffee or vanilla. We don’t see many, and they go quick.

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