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We are inspired and humbled to be in an area with so many activists and citizens

Charitable Donations

Pinckney Bend Distillery is asked to support hundreds of worthwhile causes and events each year.  We are inspired and humbled to be in an area with so many activists and citizens who care so deeply about their community. We consider it an honor to be asked and we make every effort to accommodate and sponsor as many requests as we can. Unfortunately, the nature of our business, the volume of requests and the strict laws governing our product mean we are simply unable to do it all.

As a socially responsible liquor manufacturer, we adhere to strict guidelines regarding donation requests. Please click on the link below to view our full Charitable Donation Policy or contact us at



Download Our Policy Here: Charitable Donation Policy

So You’re Out of Tonic

Email Keith at with the subject line TONIC ORDER with the following:
1. How much you want? We can ship 1 to 6 bottles of our 32 oz tonic
2. Where should it go? Please include your mailing address, name and a phone number in the email
3. When can we process payment? Please give us your phone number and a time we can call you to handle the credit card over the phone

Now you may be asking yourself a few questions:
1. How much is it? our 32oz Bottle is $24 before tax
2. How much is shipping? It is a flat rate of $17.50 per package – no matter if it’s 2 bottle or 6.
3. Is there a discount? If you buy 6 bottles, we can offer you our 10% Half Case Discount
4. When do I get it? We are processing orders Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm
5. Will you do this all the time? Probably not but we can do it now so use it to your advantage!
6. How long does it stay good? Best By date is TWO YEARS from bottling. Once open keep it in the fridge.

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