Navy Strength Gin

Times have changed, but we like to think had the British Royal Navy been given Pinckney Bend Navy Strength Gin, our spirit would still be on board today.

Silver Medal Winner!
2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Not a Gentle Spirit . . .

Navy strength gin has a long and varied history with the British Royal Navy. While sailors were given rum rations (“grog”) as part of their wages, gin was strictly for the officers.

A Dangerously Smooth Gin

Fiery & complicated, juniper jumps off the pallet clearly enjoying its life at a higher proof. Assertive rooty, citrus notes blend with other botanicals of lavender, orris root and angelica.

Award-Winning Spirit

Pinckney Bend Navy Strength won silver at the San Francisco International Spirits Competition in 2018.

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hibiscus flower

A Brief History

In the 17-1800’s, gin was considered a treatment for all sorts of maladies that wreaked havoc on board naval ships, including scurvy and malaria. Since gin was also supposed to be restricted to the officers, there were predictably suspicious activities that made the spirit-astute Royal Navy suspect their supplies of gin were being diluted. Pursers would test the strength of the alcohol by adding it to gunpowder. Too weak and it would fail to light. If the mixture ignited, then it was ‘proof’ and accepted on board.

Ensuring the high strength of the spirit not only protected the navy from being overcharged for watered down gin, it also ensured spirit-soaked gunpowder remained explosive, so should a stormy sea or rough battle cause the many barrels to spill and drench nearby gunpowder, its fire­power would be unaffected.

Want to Try Navy Strength Gin?

Enjoy this spirit like you would our regular Pinckney Bend American Gin, but expect “more firepower” at 57% ABV/114 proof.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

New for 2018! SILVER MEDAL WINNER: San Francisco Spirits Competition.Give our Navy Gin a try and find out why…

“This 114 proof gin is perfect for cutting your cocktails and if you are a bold gin lover… try I‎t on its own on a rock with a twist!”

The Gin Girl, The Gin Room

“Enjoyed everything from hibiscus gin to their extra dry Navy Strength spirit (so smooth)”
Kate H

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