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We know our guests are as diverse as our spirits. Whether you are enjoying the country scenery, hitting the wine trail or purposefully losing your way, we have done our best to suit a wide variety of experiences. Our facility, much like our team, is small but mighty. The people who painstakingly built Pinckney Bend are the same people who make and serve our spirits. We also DO NOT have indoor seating, as all available space is used for manufacturing. We do have a 950 square-foot patio with seating and music, or you can also enjoy downtown New Haven or the Riverwalk with one of our ‘to-go’ options available at the Patio. Please see below for available experiences:

Hours of Operation

Gift Shop & Patio Hours: Monday thru Saturday 10am to 5pm. Patio Samplers & By-the-Drink Available.

PB Experiences: Tuesday thru Saturday 11am to 4pm, on the half hour.

We do not take reservations for any of our experiences; all are offered on a first come, first serve basis.  Please note we have limited restroom facilities and are not equipped for large busses. See our FAQ for more.

We are closed the following Major Holidays:

  • Good Friday, Fourth of July, Election Day,  Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, & New Years Day
  • We do not offer tasting experiences on New Years Eve due to end-of-year inventory. Our gift shop and patio samplers are available during regular business hours.

Any closures due to weather or unavoidable circumstances will be announced via our social media channels.


Patio Sampler- Cost: $7

For the “Lets have class outside” crowd, we offer our Patio Sampler.  You can grab one of these flight packs at our tasting window and enjoy it on the patio, at the riverfront, at your own house…. anywhere you want (except at the Back Bar).  In this ready-to-go kit you will find six healthy pours of our Best-Selling Spirits with a taste-a-long card and a souvenir glass. You can enjoy these at your own pace and we are still available through the Patio Bar for questions. We have these ready to go anytime and are available to grab during our gift shop hours.

Ideal for large groups or those with time constraints. If you have a group over fifteen on a tight schedule, this is your best option!

Pre-Order Your Patio Sampler


PB Tasting Experience – Cost: $15

When we say small, we mean it. Our Tasting Bar is a standing-only counter located in front of our 60 Gallon Finishing Hybrid Still and adjacent to our Gravity-feed bottler. PB Tasting Experiences happen every half hour, Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. We will guide you through your choice of flight that consists of six samples and your choice of one of our 6oz of signature cocktails – all in a souvenir glass. During your flight, you’ll learn the history and science of our products.  Some of it may even be true!  We don’t like the word ‘tour’ as much of our areas can be viewed, but not ‘toured’. We will make sure you have as much of an understanding of our process and products as you see fit. You can finish your cocktail on the patio or take a strong a stroll around downtown.

We can only do one Tasting Experience per person, per day. We cannot handle groups over twelve in this format.


By the Drink – Cost: $5

Sometimes you just need a drink. Trust us, we get it. That’s why we offer 12oz drinks from our Patio window. You can grab either our Perfect Gin and Tonic or our Signature Hibhound cocktail.  What’s that? You want an amaretto sour? We’ll help you Google where to find one! We offer our in-house perfected cocktails only, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Great option for window shopping in Downtown New Haven or for parties over 20.

Just Shopping:

Just need to grab a bottle or pick up a quick gift? Our Gift Shop is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. It even has its own door! Man, we think of everything.

Check Out our Gift Shop



Do you Serve Food?
As a manufacturing facility first, we do not have any made-to-order food. We’re excellent distillers, and terrible cooks. . What we do have, however, is some snick-snacks (yes we said snick-snacks). These items would be enough for a light snack you could get at a gas station such as jerky, prepackaged cheese sticks, peanuts, pretzels and even a few Lunchables. Everything is prepackaged – including a few cakepops. There is a deli, quite literally, in our backyard and there are several other wonderful eateries in New Haven. There are also a handful of amazing culinary options in Washington, MO and Hermann MO and we encourage you to pick something up on your way. You are welcome to bring anything onto the patio.

Can I bring my dog?
Leashed pets are allowed in the gift shop and patio areas only. We have a small pocket park on the side of our building that’s great for pets. However, we do reserve the right to pet and give treats to all good boys and girls.

Are kids allowed?
We would never judge you. We also would never serve anyone under 21, but curious kids are welcome to listen and learn some super awesome science. We are a small and active manufacturing facility, so we leave it up to you if you feel comfortable bringing them along, but we do ask you to keep a close eye on them for safety reasons. Trust us, you don’t want us babysitting.

Is your stuff gluten free?
The Short answer is – yes. Our products are made from corn. In addition, distilled liquor, no matter what it is made from, is considered gluten-free. Many whiskeys made from wheat or rye are still labeled Gluten-Free due to the absence of the gluten protein. We do not, however, hold a certification for being a Gluten-Free facility. We could go on and on about this, but for those with severe allergies or celiac conditions, we suggest you read our Allergen Statement

Do you ship?
Short answer? No, we legally can’t.

That’s stupid. Why don’t you ship?
Because manufacturers in Missouri can’t legally ship in or out of state and you may live in a state that prohibits spirits from shipping into it anyway.

But beer and wine can ship, why can’t you?
Because beer and wine have different laws than we do. Look, we know it’s not ideal but it is what it is.You can find our State Governing thoughts on the matter here. If you are upset as we are regarding the different treatment, we urge you to contact the Chief of Enforcement Christin or Call her at 573-522-0022 or your state reps. There are a lot of different laws for us than for beer and wine.  Feel free to call as often as we do (it’s a lot).

Well, how do I get your stuff?
We dedicated an entire page to that. It’s our “How to Buy” page, and you can find it HERE.

Do you take reservations or give tours?
We’re going to assume you skipped all the rest of this page and just started reading here, where it suited you best. We get it – you’re busy. We do not take reservations, and “tours” is also a broad term. Our facility is quite small, and there are several parts of it where we’re not allowed to take guests. We do have a lot of windows and areas where you can relax, sit, and watch our staff working. The PB Experience tasting happens directly in our finishing still and bottling area. (You can read more about the above, in the really informative, and dare we say, delightful part that you skipped).

Do you allow busses/large groups?
Due to the size of our building, groups over 15 are best on the patio. Our back-bar area has a limited number of spaces available during its half-hour sessions. Please note we do not have restroom facilities to handle groups this large (no joke it’s a one-seater), but there are several public restrooms and port-a-potties located near the patio and the riverfront park area.

Do you make beer or wine?

Do you guys make your own stuff?

Why is your staff so attractive?
You know, sometimes things just happen that way. We don’t have a good answer for this, but we’re asked about it more than you think. Mostly by each other, but hey, we think confidence is attractive.

What’s the difference between Bourbon and Whiskey?
We really aren’t into labels and we think good whiskey is good whiskey whether it’s labeled as Bourbon or Scotch, but we understand there’s a lot of confusion. It’s a wide and varied industry with a host of laws so we’ll try to keep it brief. All bourbons are whiskey. Not all whiskeys are bourbons. Whiskey is like saying candy – there are thousands of kinds, each with their own names and production techniques. Bourbon is a subclass of Whiskey that has to meet a specific set of requirements. The main points of bourbons are they must be made with over 51% corn, use first-time fill barrels, and be made in the U.S. We offer a variety of whiskeys; some classify as Bourbon, and some don’t. We may or may not tell you which ones are ‘bourbon’ and which aren’t. We really suggest you try them and decide what you like before you label it…and no…Bourbon doesn’t have to be made in Kentucky. Trust us.

If you really want to learn more, you can literally read the textbook. Check out the Beverage and Alcohol Manual put out by the Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau (lovingly known as the TTB).

What if I don’t like gin?
You do. And you will. Period. No, to be fair, gin has a bad rap and we opened our distillery with a single mission – change how people think about gin. It’s not that you don’t like gin; it’s that you don’t like bad gin. We don’t either. Come down and let us gintervene.

Why is your tonic pink?
Does “Because we wanted it that way” work? Actually, we never set out to make it pink; we just focused on matching its flavors to perfectly blend and complement our American Gin. It just happens to have rose hips and hibiscus flowers, which naturally color this product. But we do also think it’s pretty.

How do you pronounce your name?
Say “pink”. Say the body part “knee”. Say those together fast. Pinkknee.
Now spell it like the Germans who settled this area…Pinckney.

Can I get a donation for….?
We love a good charity! We are always honored when asked, but the nature of our business means we have to ask a lot of questions, dot many i(s) and cross a lot of t(s). Please visit our Charitable Donation Page Here to read more and download the Charitable Donation Policy.

Pinckney Bend Distillery is asked to support hundreds of worthwhile causes and events each year.  We are inspired and humbled to be in an area with so many activists and citizens who care so deeply about their community. We consider it an honor to be asked and we make every effort to accommodate and sponsor as many requests as we can. Unfortunately, the nature of our business, the volume of requests and the strict laws governing our product mean we are simply unable to do it all.

As a socially responsible liquor manufacturer, we adhere to strict guidelines regarding donation requests. Please click on the link below to view our full Charitable Donation Policy or contact us at

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